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Hey readers! Assalammualaikum to all my muslim readers. Welcome to my blog. Just something that I want to share with the world. Take the positive of me and help me to change any negetive things. Owh by the way.. nice to meet you guys/ girls.

Make NeW fRiends hEre!!

HeyHo! ANda di jeMpuT uNtuk meMeriahkAn ChaTbOx GOMO fm kaT bAwaH ni..
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FiGhting aRe nOt aLoud!
MiNd yOur wOrds..
PleAse reSpecT oTher cHaters..
Do FolLow Me

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 5 : One confession

Yahoo!! Final day of challenge.
Finally my challenge end. 
No more speaking2.. haha 
I mean I don't have to type in english for my entries after this.

For the final day, 
the challenge would be
One confession.. 
hummm, what would I want to confess?
I have nothing to confess..

Ok mybe this one, 
It's about my roomate,
A chinese girl, that I hate a bit.
I know It's my fault, making noises,
and it disturbing you while studying.. 
but hello, when you make noises, did you ever think about me?? 

>no singing
> no shouting and jumpping
> if I played music on my laptop, volume must be lowest
> I can't shout while watching movie
> ringging tone volume must be lowest
everything I did you'll complain..

but when you :-
>read loudly
>talking to your friends loudly
ideaaI din't ever complain to you.. 
axcept complaining behind you, like what I did right now 

So I would like to make a confession to you that I've always 
> makes joke on you
> complaining about you
Behind you hahahahah yekk

p/s: thanks for the love note you gave to me .. 



  1. patutnye die pon kene mintak mmaaf dgn akak

    1. Dah nasib cmni, nk buat cmne.. biaq p la.. maaf xperlu diminta kn ^_^

    2. hihihi saye lak