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Hey readers! Assalammualaikum to all my muslim readers. Welcome to my blog. Just something that I want to share with the world. Take the positive of me and help me to change any negetive things. Owh by the way.. nice to meet you guys/ girls.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2 : Four Ways To Win Your Heart

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4 ways to win my heart.. 
let me think first humm 
click here first than I'll tell you how to win my heart.. 

Done? Ok lets start.. 

:) 1st, to win my heart you have to be nice to me, so that I'll be nice back to you. Simple isn't it? Be nice to others is a way to be friendly to others and it is important. Imagine what will be happen if there's non-nice people?? 

:) 2nd, Respect. Please respect me if you want to be respect. I hate people who rude to me and disrespect. I bet everyone want theme self to be respect. So please.. 

:) 3rd, Do care about me. Why must you care about myself?? well hello! it becouse the title for my entry today is 4 Ways To Win MY HEART.. If you show me that you care, I'll do the same to you. I'm loving type of person. I care about my friends and love my friends. Get it?? On the other side, if you ignore me.. I'll ignore you more than you do. 

:) Last, avoid from doing things that I hate most. and please know me first before you want to make preception on me.
I don't even care if a person doesn't want to be friend with me because friends can be made easyly with other person. But I do care if my true friends doesn't want to be friend with me, because true friends take years to be made and to be found.
The Only true friends I have 


  1. nice. .hee. .ade gk point kta yg sma. . :)

  2. a ah hehe kn copy paste tau, smue tu brdasarkn ape yg az nak