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Hey readers! Assalammualaikum to all my muslim readers. Welcome to my blog. Just something that I want to share with the world. Take the positive of me and help me to change any negetive things. Owh by the way.. nice to meet you guys/ girls.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 3 : three things that cross ur mind alot

#Day 3
3 things that cross my mind a lot!
first of all click here n here
Thanx ^_^ 

#1st thing that always 'pop' in my mind, this guy. Yup! my love one. keep on 'pop' so suddenly in my mind. Dear I love you! Sometimes I'll laugh suddenly just because of him and people will start think that I'm crazy -_-". But it's okey, because as long as it makes me happy

#2nd thing that always 'pop' in my mind is my phones. no matter when and no matter where. I'll keep on searching for my phones. But why?? humm, mybe because when I think of him, I feel on searching for him when he's busy with his work, I mean texting or calling. ( OH My English!)

#3rd thing that always 'pop' in my mind is my friends. My besties which I miss so much! Girls, I miss you so much! 
Can you see here! how lonely I'm without you all. T.T

Sorry for my unproper english T.T


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    1. ^_^ itu je la yg bole buat diri ni bahagia n senyum kala duka