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Sunday, November 4, 2012

~Special Post For "YOU"~

something that i'll like to share..
I'm going to talk bout something today, ya.. something tht you might know the point.. I didn't mean to start a fight, didn't even mean to create a fight between us. I read your post just now, and this person told me the motive of the post.. Trying to make me pissed up  i see. But you know what it doesn't work out. The one who been pissed up was not me, but actually you. Let me make my self clear bout 'the thing' that have been done. You might want to know the reason. The reason why i did not allow that person to be friend with you again.

+=+  First reason is, being friend with you juz going to troubled that person. About what was happen this month. Still fresh! SOooo fresh in my mind. What you did to us. You put us in a lot of trouble and you juz leave us, juz like that. From the first place i noticed tht you was not a good type to make friends of.

+=+  Second was being near to you might going to make things worst. Even worst than the last time. Every human being in this place takes their eyes on this person.This thing is not over yet. So please understand.

Enough with this two reason. I hope you'll understand and please keep ur distance from us. Stop giving us problems and troubles. Enough wth the problem that you have created. I'm not going to stop that person being friends with you forever. Juz on this few period. 

p/s: i'm going to keep my eyes on you. I thought you know what kind of person i am. So please.. i beg you so much dont make things even worst


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