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Friday, November 23, 2012

Having Fun With Profesor Cosmo in Berjaya Time Square ^_^

Happy Happy! Hangout with my besties yesterday (wednesday i mean).. Ok Ok, kteowg planing nk hangout same. Port yg kteowg pilih, Berjaya Time Square in Kuala Lumpur. Mesti korg kate "eleh, stakat KL. Bosan ah!". Bagi korg ya bosan, but bg kteowg x. First time hangout sme2 g KL.. SERONOK YAW!! Our activities on tht day,
>Main2 kt theme park.
>Karoke smpai lebam.
>Window shopping.    
last activities, waiting for the bus like Hell.  =_="

Nak share ngn korg.. BEWARE! naik BBQ kt theme park tu coz otak korg xkn henti pusing2. Than korg nye pemandangan pon pusing2 skali. Sumpah aq cm nyesal sgt2 coz naik mende tu, berpinau kepala aq jap. Mabuk teros.. Rosak mood. Aq xde la nk larang korg sekeras2nye, boleh naik mende alah tu, juz pastikn tht was the last destination korg..   ^_^

Sowy ah! a bit bored post aq mlm ni, xde mood nk bercerita T.T 

Muke penat masing2 ^_^
cerita lebih lanjot, nah!
hehehehe credit tu my bestie miera ^_^


  1. Hahah sadly I never have any guts to try anything like the roller coster inside the Times Square. By just looking at it already makes me shivering.

    Who is proffessor cosmo by the way?

    1. ummm Proffesor Cosmo.. ummm the theme park moskot
      *xreti nk spell plak& patung Theme Park tu